Samuel Workman, LMT


Samuel is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) who graduated from the Colorado Springs School of Massage in June of 2021. His interest in manual therapy was sparked early on while watching professional athletes being treated during rest periods. This interest deepened as his athletic and outdoor pursuits became more challenging and he experienced the benefits of deep tissue treatments firsthand. Samuel realized that medically-oriented massage treatments have the ability to not only help heal soft tissue issues and injuries but also to help people maintain their desired lifestyles. Seeing the lack of options for this type of treatment inspired Samuel to switch careers and become an LMT. He's excited to continue to develop his practice alongside the like-minded indivuals at Beyond Therapeutics. 


In Samuel’s free time he has many interests including ultimate frisbee, volleyball, mountain biking, video games, playing music, reading, and so much more. He loves to visit national parks all across the world. And enjoys quality time with his friends, family, and his dog Hondo.  

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